15 December



Much of what I talk about comes from my experience with Rheumatoid Arthritis and caring for my Mom with dementia.


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29 December – Interview With Dr. Cheryl Berry


I invited my chiropractor Dr. Cheryl Berry to be on the show; she has done so much as my partner in my healing.  She comes from a place of unconditional love and sees each client as a whole person – mind, body and spirit.  At times I feel her fingers can see inside where the pain or difficulty is – she always seems to know exactly where it hurts and what to do.

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27 October – Gifts of dementia



I had been dealing with my Mom’s dementia for the last four years.  I realize now when looking back, it had been going on longer than I realized.   As a caregiver and daughter, I began to see gifts coming out of the dementia.  It wasn’t always comfortable, but it gave me a lot of valuable insight that helped me understand the childhood programs I had been operating with all these years.

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20 October – Interview with Dave Gagley


I interviewed my attorney Dave Gagley.  He specializes in Elder Law and was such a great help and resource for me when I was dealing with my Mom’s affairs.  He had great advice,  his knowledge and experience were invaluable and things went so much more smoothly than if I had done it myself.  I wanted my audience to know about him and how important it is to have wills, durable power of attorney and health directive all done right.

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